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  • This Farmington location is very poorly run. Orders come out 10-20 minutes later than given time, and this happens every single time I order from this location. Manager and employees are indifferent to customers standing and waiting.
    By Sam F.
  • As of today this place is not my favorite!! What happened to businesses standing behind their work? My son had a rhino liner bed liner sprayed into his truck and not only did the tech get over spray all over the truck, he got a good bit of the rhino liner on one of his wheels (which are brand new). The place offered to remove it, which they did, but during the process left a large scratch on the wheel. The owner asked us to bring it back in to have the rim buffed and after buffing, the scratch was still there. Now, instead of replacing the wheel, they are telling us, "how did they know the scratch wasn't there before bringing it in????" Really???? You ask us to bring it back so you can buff out the scratch YOU put there, then turn around and ask us if we put the scratch there???? It makes absolutely no sense!!!! These are brand new wheels and tires. I really hope these guys make things right with us....and further more I hope they have a sit down with the guy who did the work to tell him how not to get over spray all over.
    By Natallee H.
  • It was all good except for the rice it was a little to al dente and the rest was good and definitely try the guacamole
    By Dabz M.

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